Reviews for "BoMSearch"

Awesome game if you're into word searches.

Although not really original/unique, (how would you get more original at word searches, really?) this was the first time I've seen word searches done in flash. You did a pretty good job, and the music fits perfectly. I also thought the timer was a nice thing to add, but would've been kinda neat to see how much time you spent on a puzzle.

I'm sure people into word searches would dig this, but they make my head hurt.

5 anyway.

BoMToons responds:

Timers for the individual levels is a really good idea.

Needs some tweaks

I think it needs some tweaks, for instance you need to have the words overlap in some puzzles, otherwise it seems like battleship (sort of) if there's a word one place you can bet there won't be another word attached, it takes away from some of the challenge. Speaking of which i think you should amke some very challenging puzzles one thing I've seen is to take a word that's either short or has a lot of repeat letters and have it in the puzzle only once but surround it almost matches for example take the word sleepless put it somewhere in the puzzle and fill in the rest of the puzzle with s's l's e's and p's making sure you don't end up with another sleepless or just fill a puzzle with a ton of words some of which overlap like crazy.

BoMToons responds:

I agree that there should be more overlapping.The algorithm I wrote to place the words allows overlapping, but the random placement of the words makes overlap pretty unlikely...if I ever do a sequel I'll put some thought into how to increase the word overlappiness.

PS. everytime you play a level the word placement is randomized meaning you'll probably never get the same word placement on a puzzle twice!


Very good..

I love the music and there seems to be no glitches. I love that it saves where you left off. Good job...I look forward to more levels being added!

BoMToons responds:

Booyah...the chikz are diggin' dis game!

cool but

i dont really like wordsearches but i played cuz of the music and then i just stopped playing but let the music play cuz its cool

BoMToons responds:

Check out more of the music author's work:
www.newgrounds.com/audio/view .php?id=935499&sub=18506

I love it

And id still be playing it fi all of a sudden Flash didnt die on me...oh well its a good game and i like it

BoMToons responds:

BOOYAH! Restart it and, if you had puzzles unlocked, they'll still be unlocked.