Reviews for "BoMSearch"

I found a substitute for NyQuil!

I've been having such a hard time feeling sleepy tonight, but the music is seriously so dang relaxing that I'm about ready to hit the sack. The puzzles are fun and I've been playing for awhile now.

Good work!

BoMToons responds:


For what it is, it's great.

Basing it on the purpose of this game you get a perfect score. This wasn't mean to entice you or to draw you with major amounts of addiction, but just a subtle pace of comforting music and various crosswords. I could see myself doing this on a bored day when I just need to relax. I MIGHT even favorite this for that simple reason. Great job though. Nice blend of relaxation and mental thinking.

Vote - 4/5

Thumb Rating - d('.'d)

Recommendation - High

BoMToons responds:

Thanks, glad you could see it for what it is.

good game

Powerful- Ally I bet you got bored so quickly cause you find any words.

Odds are you got bored on easy mode xD

It was OK

Nice game, good interactivity and nice change of pace

I didn't think it was that fun, got bored quickly

What a nice surprise!

I was feeling kind of bored today, and I decided to try this game. It was a pleasent suprise when the second level revealed it was mormon made. And your website was also mormon! The Prophet crossword will make a great Seminary devotional. Its brightened my day to see it.

Now on to the actual game. You did every possible thing to make this game good! There isnt a ton you can do to improve the basic word search. What you could and did do you did well. The background music was very very soothing. While the clearly visible boxes cut down on headaces trying to see letters. The subtle colors were a good choice as well, too bright colors and staring at words arnt a good combination most of the time. The menu scheme was very handy, right on the side, but in a sliding side menu so it wouldnt be distracting.

I also really appreciated the ability to make your own word search using your own words. It was convienent and easy to do. Very well done. Im very impressed with it. Plus you get brownie points for being mormon and making a mormon themed level. Hopefully youll read this someday and reply. I'd like to hear your thoughts. Im sure my Seminary class will think its neat. Thank You.

BoMToons responds:

Thanks a lot for a very detailed review. Send a custom puzzle and the link to your seminary mates.

I love to see Mormon NGers come out of the woodwork when I release games...Rock-Rock-ON!