Reviews for "BoMSearch"


I couldn't even figure out how to play it, couldn't figure out how to access any instructions for play, none of the buttons worked, it's shit.

very nice

a welcome break from all the fast paced timed games.

Great for what it is

It's a great game for what it is. It's kind of a shame you didn't add your own twist to it to make it fresh and different. At least the calm feel was very nice.

The only problem is I can't play it for more than five minutes because it is, after all, a word search game. Staring hard at a static computer screen is not my idea of an enjoyable time.

Very fun... if you have an hour

Like I said up there... this is a great game if you have plenty of time and like to look for words.... I really didn't have that much time so it wasn't entirely all that exciting... still one of the best on-line word games i have seen... Please keep it up and try if you can make it a little more exciting...



^^Good Points^^
A superb word search game. I just played on yesterday, and this one was much better made. The interface was really simple and the graphics were very clean. Easy to play and the unlocking system was a great thing to have. Very nice effort and planning on this game.

^^Needs Improving^^
Really not too much to say here. The game was very well done for a search game.

BoMToons responds:

Thanks for playing and leaving a good review.