Reviews for "BoMSearch"

fun but nothing new

its a few really hard crossword puzzles. fun but it doesn't really stand out much.

Pretty tight.

Pretty tight game. I put humor as 5 because I kept laughing at myself because I had a hard time finding some of the words and then when I finally found them, I realized that I was staring straight at them and didn't even notice them. Lol. So yeah, cool game.


I liked it alot. The soothing(sp) music adds alot to it. It calms you down and helps you think a lot better. Nice job!


Easily the greatest of fun and entertainment I've had all day. I love word searches and this is a challenging one. I'm not even close to finishing, but I needed to praise this game. Excellent.


fun game, good job.

and midnightfire582, you dont know how to play a word search game?...

sound got 0 cause i dont have an speakers to know if there was music or not >_<