Reviews for "BoMSearch"

Fun for half an hour, but not great

I think for just a load of wordsearches, the creator has done pretty well in packaging it in a cool way. But the music gets really repetitive and annoying after a while and you should be able to have hints and make it more exciting. I like how you can unlock things, but the fact that you have got to do more than 1 puzzle in a row is kinda frustrating. Overall it is good, but I think there should be a version 2, to make the game even better.

Could've Been Better

I think I'll start with what I did like:

- Unlocking later levels was pretty cool, it made me feel like there was something to play for.
- Creating your own levels is an interesting feature too.


- The background music was okay for about three minutes, and then it started to grate on my nerves and I muted the computer...
- The smaller puzzles are really difficult to read
- Four pages of prophets... God, that took ages.
- After a while, it does start to get a little boring, but its just wordsearches

Overall, its alright, but it really could've been better. My suggestions would probably include putting two or three tracks on there to repeat, adding a little more colour, and possibly not having four consecutive things in a row - break them down, or give an option to go back, perhaps?

great game

i had fun playing this game. It was very relaxing. Just need to make the letters bigger. I had a a hard time seeing them once the puzzles got smaller. Overall though, a great game.

It's nice to see someone make an online Crossword

I like this a lot. I am a fairly big fan of crosswords, and I had a good time with this game.

What I really appreciate, though, is the Disney puzzle. You put Lion King in it, and anyone who does that is an instant favorite in my book. Just one problem...Pumbaa has 2 "A"s, not 1.

nothing new

well i found out that you can do doubles of a word if you find it. The music got really anoying after a while though. The really dissapointing thing was after i took like all my time doing all the puzzles you get nothing for it. no "CONGRATS", or "YOU WIN". so yea not the best game but dont get too exited.