Reviews for "Brokeback Cottonfield"


=Good Points=
A decent clock movie, and quite a funny one if I may add. The animation for what there was anyways was well done, and smooth, the clock voices were good quality, aswell the drawings themselves. But I thought the best part of the whole movie was at the end when it played Guns N' Roses, talking about Asians. Good job, keep it up.

=Bad Points=
The bad points of this flash were that is was pretty short, and for what there was during that time didn't make it as enjoyable. Also next time you should make more things happen for example when he told the clock what type of cancer, it should randomly go into a "wild dance party" or something, then you would bring it back to the point (if that all makes sense). But nonetheless good.

PirateClock responds:

i tried to add explosions and flashing lights but my computer kept crashing.