Reviews for "GDB - Where's my gun?"

Pretty decent, maybe not so ordinary.

I liked the "he ha ha" thing, sounded like ZZtop to me. and your actionscript ability did amaze me. overall I did like it. maybe the Racism could have been out but you should have used it a little more. just full blown said N word all the time. it ran slow for me, I dont think its my computer, but it could just be the main guy fights slow and moves slow too
Graphic:decent, and kinda good decent as it adds a style.
Style: look a line above.
Sound: was great, I loved the car sound and the ZZtop sound.
Vio: actually kinda liked it.
Inter: alot of inter i didn't realize.
Humor: the slowness of the guy takes this down.
OVERALL= 7. Better then I could do, and pretty entertaining for a bit.

SecretSecretary responds:

Have you noticed that you actually DO have the option to say the N word all the time? I just didn't want to make it automatic, so I gave the choice to the player itself. You can be nice or rude in this game, depends on what you say and do to the characters.


i know them words but u may not no but they can get u sent to prison but idc cos i dont see it ass too racist cos south africa have problems with that stuff not a bad animation but i think u should worry about others mate

SecretSecretary responds:

i do :)
thanks for the review

Political games kick arse

If only the other people who've left reviews for this game could realise that the reactions they've had to the racism in it are the reason you made the racism a feature.

A few criticisms...

1. In the "how to play" screen Jared can jump, but then you can't jump to avoid getting hit by the running pig. Is that intentional?

2. The music is incredibly repetetive and annoying. I understand that this is to try and keep filesize down by using a loop, but it really does grate. Maybe an off switch for the music?

3. The motion feels very limited. It's probably not necessary to have a wider range of motion for the purposes of this game, but you do feel very restricted with just the horizontal motion, particularly when there visually appears to be a bit of room on the Y axis for Jared to move. You could have easily made it possible for him to have a range of three vertical steps, reverting to the profile view after taking a step up or down.

4. The car that comes down the road drives straight "under" the chicken, when it should probably be running it over.

I also didn't like the illustration all that much. That's a style thing though, and purely an opinion-based comment. The guy on the tractor is drawn in a different style from the rest of the characters, and the health display is dynamic text instead of being graphical like the rest of the written elements, which could be seen as consistency issues.

A few things that make this game a winner (IMO)...

1. I love how each character has a different reaction for each comment Jared can make. His range of comments is a very clever comedic device.

2. The storytelling is really well done, thanks to the above-mentioned feature coupled with good writing for the characters.

3. It's a (reasonably sophisticated) political game, employing satire to make a very strong point!

4. There's at least one interactive element on most screens, making it a lot of fun to play. I enjoyed the scarecrow in particular.

Overall, great work!

To finish on a brief personal note, you might find that Quiet Falls has something to offer along similar lines to this game's political message if you give it the time of day.

SecretSecretary responds:

Hey, thanks for the in-depth review. Glad you enjoyed this game! Its my first game, so I know its imperfect, but you CAN jump over the pig as well as other enemies and bullets, I find it pretty easy and I did it A LOT while testing. I agree with you on almost everything, especially the tight movement range. Hopefully my next game will be better and you will be able to move around on the y-axis as well. I'm also working on improving my drawing skills, but I think this is pretty well done for a first game that is basically one big joke. Oh and about your very first comment... YEAH! EXACTLY!

Not bad

The racism theme could have been avoided,the character was kinda too slow,was kinda funny to look lol

Graphics : 3 - the graphics weren't bad,and they weren't great,could have been better
Style : 4 - The playing style is ok,just the character is too slow
Sound : 7 - the sound is good quality,but i personally don't like the song
Violence : 2 - i give 2 because he hit person,so that kinda violence,but that not alot of violence
Interactivity : 4 - The interactivity is ok,just not my type :P
Humor : 5 - The stolen gun thing was funny,rest is kinda not funny
Overall : 4 - The game is ok,you still need to get things better ;)

SecretSecretary responds:

Thanks for the review, but you should really play the game a bit longer before you rate it, because CLEARLY you have not discovered how much violence there really can be in this game, especially the very last death scene. There is so much more gore than just hitting one person, you can interact with EVERY character, and hurt them all in several ways. I'm just talking about your violence rating, I just dont think its fair of you...

i don't like the idea of a racist game

but it's a little better than alot of other stuff in the portal, maybe you should work on it more, then re-sumbit it and it might surivive the portal.

SecretSecretary responds:

Yeah, I expected this a bit...
Well, I'm not a racist, and I think I made this game very ironic so that the racism contradicts itself. Oh well, I know its a sensitive subject, belive me, I'm from South Africa. So yeah, there's bound to be a lot of offended ones out there. This is just for laughs, and as you might have noticed, this racist character in the game is quite a dumb-ass, so I'm not reslly trying to make racism look cool. :)