Reviews for "GDB - Where's my gun?"

I love it!

Just have the instructions stay at the top instead of having to push m... then its perfect!

SecretSecretary responds:

Thanks a lot man.
I'll keep that in mind.


perfect game for me im random, funny, and i love guns. i loved it. (that smokesuit thing was good too) =) keep on doing this kinda stuff, its hilarious!!!

SecretSecretary responds:

Thanks! Glad you liked it.
You can be sure to know that
if I submit anything in the
future, it will be different
than any of my previous
submissions, like they all

Hey man, its me again

That was randomly hilarious. nice funny voicing.!

SecretSecretary responds:

Heheh :) My oldest submission. This was fun to make. Thanks.


Wow. That was unexpected. That's why I like newgrounds, you can see what a crazy Southafrican living in Finland can come up with. I enjoyed it all, especially the ending. In a review response you mention that you have to work on your drawing skills but I think for this game this style fitted really well. It helps the idea not to take the whole thing seriously. I must add that for a first game you throw out some solid actionscripting there. A little faster will be nice though, juuust a little bit. Very enjoyable overall.

SecretSecretary responds:

Yeah I agree its a bit slow. The main focus was the humour, and Im just glad I made you laugh. Thanks for the review. It was very useful.

was good

kind of hard... but good...
the graphics were good... was kind of funny...
not your best job... but ok

SecretSecretary responds:

Yeah, I would really like to delete this, but this one person has it as one of his favourites and he doesnt respond to my plea to remove it so that I can get rid of this. This was my first game ever, and basically just one big personal joke between me and my friends. A lot of people found this offensive and very racist, but they dont get the inside joke. Anyway, thanks for the review.