Reviews for "When In Space"

Addicting! I just want to keep listening to it.

This song is AWESOME!!! THIS SONG SHOULD BE IN VIDEO GAMES! A whole bunch of songs and tunes i hear most like come from video games :)
I wonder if there is more to this song...

I agree with Daveguy

This sounds like a sonic the hedgehog song. This is dancable if you're into hardcore fist pumping.


This is danceable to, but it's more of a videogame song.
=D Keep it up!


This is great. the sound of 8-bit and other notes sound awesome.The beat and tempo sound cool. Also the energy sounds great. But unfortunately, i can't give you a ten only because it's so short. This has so much potential. although it's a good. Great song. 9 stars.

Sounds awesome!

Although it is awesome as hell... NEEDS MOAR! MOAR BECAUSE OF MOAR!
You can't simply leave awesome at only 52 seconds!