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Reviews for "(Old) Pawn of the Dead"

meh, not my cup of tea

I dislike your drawing style. I spent about half the movie thinking that their noses were their mouths, making it a strange seven minutes

At least you tried.

I disliked both the concept and the execution. There's not much originality here, either.
But you still could
-fix the nose/mouth thing, which you're probably sick of hearing about by now
-speed it up!
-fix the voice volume

not that bad..

your not the best animator in the world but who am i to say that ;) and 360 does suck donkey ass! PS3 got the graphics and the WII got the good technoligy so the right choise was indeed the 360.. for throwing at zombies ;) and if i ever wrote those kinky words wrong i'm sorry couse i'm norwegian :/ keep up the good work couse i wanna know what happens to them there people :D

I agree with Demonium

It had bland humor and was predictable with the Dead Rising jokes. Also, 360 rocks, NEVER throw one.


Bad graphics, wasn't really funny...

Plus, I'm English biatch! Don't make fun of ma' peeps!

Anyway, it still sucked. I just don't find that stuff funny. I suppose it's for people below like... 10? I'll go with that.