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Reviews for "(Old) Pawn of the Dead"

At least you tried.

I disliked both the concept and the execution. There's not much originality here, either.
But you still could
-fix the nose/mouth thing, which you're probably sick of hearing about by now
-speed it up!
-fix the voice volume


Thought it was pretty bad for a winrar of a competition. Everyone looked like they were smiling because of their noses and honestly the humor wasn't all that great. Graphics were pretty shit, violence wasn't too good.

And lastly, the Wii is much better than the 360 or PS3.

The style...

The characters' noses looked way too similar to a smiling mouth and everytime a new one popped up I had to force myself to reorient myself to recognize it as a nose. It looked like they had two mouths with a small alien one in the corner that did the talking.
It's your style, so keep it the way it is if you want, but at the very least try adding some variation to it.

a horrible rip off of shaun of the dead

its pretty much just straight out of shaun of the dead.. except like no charecter devlopment and no plot...

its okay, but....

you stole half of your jokes from Shaun of the Dead