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Reviews for "(Old) Pawn of the Dead"

Good , but too many reference's

The art style and animation is great , but some of the jokes are ripped from other films. Next time try not to throw parts from other films as humor , even if they are funny films in the first place

Not bad, not fantastic, just okay.

This was pretty good. Some of the voice acting needed a little improvement (on Nick's side) and I didn't laugh out loud as much as I thought I would due to the great reviews. I have to mention this though, people...if you can't interact with the movie don't give interactivity a 5, a 6, or even a 1, give it a 0 because there is none. I hate reading reviews and then trying desperately to interact yet coming to a sad realization that I can't and people writing reviews don't know what they're doing. Looking forward to the sequel though, and good luck with it.


I hated the way their faces were set up so i just pretended that they all had big smiley faces and the little thing on the corner of their chin was a gross deformity.


i thought it sucked i mean what the hell where those noses?! It was
a total rip of shaun of the dead , it wasn't funny and the 360 is the best console of the three.

Already been done.

Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright did the same basic story. They called it Shaun of the Dead.