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Reviews for "(Old) Pawn of the Dead"


I really thing the movie was great,, It was a bit too long though...I`d really liked grapics but I`m still a bit confused,, Coss the noses look too much like a mouth ^^


Ok, i'm going to start off by saying, has the guy before me EVER heard of punctuation?? i was reading his review and it was all ONE SENTENCE. ok moving on.

your first song for the opening was kick ass. the whole thing reminded me very much of Shaun of the Dead, but then again you called it pawn of the dead so i guess that was the point......

great job, the graphics were hard to get used to what with the nose being bigger than the mouth, but i got over it probably halfway through.

the british thing was hilarious, the asian people thing was too, great job all around, only tip i have is you should have snappier dialog. It got a bit slow at times, but it did pick itself back up.

great job. SEE? I CAN USE A PERIOD!



it was great!!! and was what the name ofthe song where the yfirst see the zombie??i remember it because it was in dead rising when the convicts show up :D

i dunno what the guy below me is bitching about

I didn't see any Shawn of the Dead rips. Matter of fact, that was all taken from the basic riffs. It was pretty funny. I liked it.

It was good

I thought this flash was pretty good but I really hated the part where you threw the 360...the PS3 is trash and expensive...you should have thrown that :P