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Reviews for "(Old) Pawn of the Dead"

So funny!!

Dude, I totally loved it, and play all the games you mentioned. Also, don't throw any next gen system, because I love them all! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!

why do i give it a 5!!!?!!!?!!!

because you played my favorite song "animals" by nickel back
that made the whole movie worth watchin

ahhhahahhahahahah zombies

i need zombies make #2 so i can have more zombies aaahahahahaahahha

WHY?Why throw the 360?

u had 2 throw the 360. the wii sucks compared to the 360 .efin hilariuos


I didnt even see this on the front page or on the portal, i was just randomly checking through the zombie stuff and this looked good, lol as soon as i heard the music from the convicts outside the mall on the game dead rising i was thinking.. this can't be that old im gonna right a review sayin theres a game with that music on there and you just so happen to mention it lol but how dare you throw the 360! how dare you i may have to kill you lol, i got a ps3 360 and wii and i like the 360 best ^^ cya later d00d and cant wait for the next one this was awesome and funny what happend to dog? lol and you hate the british -.- were not all like that you americans have such poor views of us