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Reviews for "(Old) Pawn of the Dead"

10 Thumbs up!

Excellent work boys!!! I think this is the funniest thing ever seen!! But..... DONT THROW AN XBOX 360!!!! THROW PS3!!!!! j/k, well, you know my fav. game, DEAD RISING and house of the dead and resi evil, Quite an exsquisite show! Lolz


That has gotta be the best flash I've ever seen on Newgrounds yet.. although the graphics aren't thee best, but you definitely win for humor. Awesome jokes and awesome story, I'm seeing this in front page and probably top 10 soon. Can't wait to see the next, keep it up man!

meh, not my cup of tea

I dislike your drawing style. I spent about half the movie thinking that their noses were their mouths, making it a strange seven minutes


That was so funny! except for the part where they threw the 360 but oh well! I would of gave you a 10 for graphics but it tookn me awhile to adjust my eyes to realize they were noses not mouths. ANyway can't wait for episode 2!

the best

dudes that was the best movie ever that was almost as good as watching the movie silent hill but anyway way to go i hope this makes front page.