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Reviews for "(Old) Pawn of the Dead"


It was really funny, i cant wait for the 2nd one


This was one of the best movies ive seen! i love the whole ps3 wii situation! i cant wait for the next one!

been there done that.

well. i feel like i've seen this already. oh yeah. when i watched Shaun of the Dead. only it was funny when they argued about which records to through, unlike when the characters were about to throw gaming systems. the 360 is far superior in graphics, which is why it shouldn't be thrown. ps3 is just a ps2 with a better hard drive and it's faster. and why go to the mall? like Dawn of the Dead? if ur going to spend time on a zombie flick, make it original and not just a spoof. since Shaun of the Dead was a spoof.

blah blah blah i got bored writing this. wow.

Pretty awesome

the placement of the mouths threw me off a bit
good voice acting and the backgrounds were quite well drawn indeed

damn, Illegal British-Mexican zombies


i did like it but there were some thing i didn't like. 1. brits are not like that. 2. hit the zombie with the crap ps3 not the xbox 360. 3. a bit slow at some points. 4. needs a scene select.