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Reviews for "(Old) Pawn of the Dead"


This is very good and i really hope u bring a second 1, that reminded me of sean of the dead and dawn of the dead xD


wtf, is wrong them...
good movie i saw some zombie movies on DVD: dawn of the dead, shaun of the dead, undead, land of the dead, severed, resident evil, resident evil 2 and 28 days later!

they're cool u should watch them.

that was fun

that was a pretty good movie. so were you making a parody of shaun of the dead which was a parody of dawn of the dead?hm.

Shaun of the Dead, anyone?

Yeeeah, most of the events in this movie were takin from the movie Shaun of the Dead......fission mailed.


This is good, and you guys know it, so I won't bother telling you why. However, if there's one thing I had to pick on, it would be the voice acting. I realize it's probably your own voices, but I could hardly hear them over the music half of the time. They're kind of slurry and untheatric. It detracted from myviewing experience.