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Reviews for "(Old) Pawn of the Dead"

Pretty good

Good animation, But the sound was kinda bad...
I loved the Console fight :)

Color me impressed

I really have to hand it to you the sound on that was awesome. No mic blowouts heavy breathing into the mic or obviously ripped sounds (except the dog yelp But I'll let it slide).
Some of the dialog had long unnatural pauses, it sounded like it was being read live but I'm not sure if that was intentional or just to show his slowness.
Also I have to say that that was one of the best Benny Hill Gags I've ever seen on Newgrounds.
The only problem I had was telling the noses from the mouths, and if that is my only issue with this then I love it.

But seriously you should do a piece on how to record sound for Flash because that was just beautiful.


is not everyday when a good flash comes alone...this was good...i liked the style...but i loved the music too...u picked out he right stuff to go along with wat going on....i hope the second on is just as good...


That was the best zombie thing ever. I loved the video game system part, and it remindes of Shawn of the Dead (but in a good way)


Nice ending music choice.
Animation was complicated and simple at the same time.
Jokes were awesome.

I give you a 9/10.