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Reviews for "(Old) Pawn of the Dead"


I really thing the movie was great,, It was a bit too long though...I`d really liked grapics but I`m still a bit confused,, Coss the noses look too much like a mouth ^^

Pretty Good

It was a great movie, just needs some work on some things.

- More background Music
- More detailed Character
- Less Choppy Animations

Great movie though, congratz for the Daily Feature.

sick but overall ok

Everything was ok except the nose......mouth or what ever the heck that thing was, the take off of Borat , and finally the weird characters

It was pretty damn funny tho

At least you tried.

I disliked both the concept and the execution. There's not much originality here, either.
But you still could
-fix the nose/mouth thing, which you're probably sick of hearing about by now
-speed it up!
-fix the voice volume


I didn't care for the character design at all. The noses looked like smily faces and made the characters very confusing...