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Reviews for "(Old) Pawn of the Dead"

Very nicly done although

if you dont know where you came from in america, the chances are your family desends from the UK/Britain
im british and its true that we do love our tea and crumpets and other stupidly expensive things, but so do cannada and......FRANCE
lets rip it out of france and cannada, that never happens anymore
i mean come on, they eat frogs

Erm, I thought their noses were their mouths...

At a first glance it looked as if their noses were smiles. The bit with Borat was just wrong, and besides the PS3 has motion sensors too in the controller. The graphics were sometimes bad, like the water spray from the fire hydrant and when he was dialling the phone... But some of the background was well detailed, overall good job but could be better.

The british OMG!!!

I like people arguing about the Wii and the PS3 (Wii is better btw). Anyway keep up the good work.

First Dawn then Shawn, prepare yourselfs for Pawn

I like the name, myabe it was the Matrix but i seem to think that 3rd one is always the best. Compare to the volume of the voices teh music at the beggining was kinda of loud, I had to adjust my headphones to hear both of them properly, dunno maybe this just bother ME...just thought i shoudl mention it. umm from the start i thought their noses were their mouth until they actually talk, maybe is teh look you were going for but i think you should adjust that. GO 360 it saves the world once again. Over all good, it was a bit long but not long enought for me to stop watching it...would love to see more...Great work.

As a certified Zombie freak....

whom has played and watched every zombie game and movie in the world,I have to say this was excellent.Bring on part two.