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Reviews for "(Old) Pawn of the Dead"

instant classic. no reason why u shouldnt have won

awesome man! i always watch this in my spare time. lol
"TAKE MAI DOLLA! oh man... i pressed doctor pepper and got mr.pibb"
"its the same freakin soda now come help me!!!"
dude. great job. keep up the good work.


you see that 5 x 10! you deserve that!
i simply loved it!
keep it coming!
i wandt part 2 .... oooow soooo baadddlllyy!!!!
hmz... this 1 is defenetly my favo.
well... don't keep me waiting get to work on part 2! :P
im out, ciao!!!

Alsome Choice On Throwing The 360

Yeah throwing that over heating peice of vrap would make the zombie blow up lol. But wtf you thought about throwing a ps3 there just too sexy and expensive to throw. Plus there many great games. And great movie very good work make more.


everything about this show was awesome except for the fact that they threw an xbox 360, the greatest system ever! I would've chucked that good for nothing PS3! Anyway watch it it frigging pwnz!