Reviews for "Super Mario bros Z ep 5"

Yoshi Chief: "It feels like it was only yesterday..." Even though it was like 11 years ago... :|
Anyways excellent movie! I just wished that it wouldn't end... I wanted it to continue!

Alvin-Earthworm confirms that in the next episode, Mecha Sonic defeated Shadow from their confrontation.

He has said that one new Power-Up will be making an appearance for the heroes.
Alvin has announced that he has retired from sprite animation and this news was not an April fool's joke. It is presumed that the series will no longer receive new episodes, and he will likely not return to the series, despite having once said that Super Mario Bros. Z is a project he wanted to be the 1st of to complete, having worked on other Flash animations and leaving them unfinished in the past.
However, at the end of the preview after waiting a few seconds, it says "The End?", implying the possibility that it may be temporary. Also, on Alvin's unofficial YouTube channel AlvinArtwork, the Channel descrption says that a revival of the series MAY happen, though it is unlikely.
This episode, along with Episode 10, was really likely to confirm who the mysterious figure that seemed to be Dr. Eggman really was.
Although one reason that Episode 9's production was going slow, was that Alvin-Earthworm was trying to find voice clips for the Koopalings, but thanks to a friend, he has them for Episode 9.
This will be the third episode where hand drawn close ups are used.
In Episode 8, The Two Shell Treaty was mentioned by Bowser.
Bowser says "What the deuce" in Episode 9 when Mario is saved. Bowser's phrase may have been a reference to Stewie Griffin on Family Guy. please wait for smbz ep 10 and etc.

What's the theme of when the Axem Rangers, The Koopa Bros, And Mario & friends fight? Seriously whats the theme called?

@MikeHills Axem rangers are from Super Mario RPG

@Shockerman011 You probably never heard about Dragon Ball