Reviews for "Super Mario bros Z ep 5"


Great job on the whole movie. It was risky adding Mario, Sonic and DBZ put you pulled it off. Maby you can and some super sayjin 2, 3, 4 or maby fusions then it would be better

Alvin-Earthworm responds:

The heroes will get Super forms. But not until later in the series.


Ive seen all the SMB Z episodes, and i believe this is one of the best series' on the portal! It seems to really suck you in to the storyline, and is very entertaining. Use of the graphics is very good as well...Im eagerly waiting for the next episode!!!


Ive watched all of these super mario bros z things and there all not bad there getting better as they go on so very good

Better than the real thing!

Has everything except free cookies! Keep it up

Loving it

Hey fella iv watch all 5 episodes and they all tidy as fuck. just woundering when the next one is out?