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Reviews for "Valentine '29"


that movie was fantastic, i have one questoin though.
did that guy who was still alive survive?

Obviously Took a Lot of Work

Incredible. I really, really liked this. Almost all of the styles were original; it's really refreshing to see something other than anime for once. Regardless, all were well put-together. Great job.

Short But Tooth-Rottingly Sweet

This flash definitely demolishes the competition by telling one good cohesive story really well. That's actually quite rare on this site. The animation was terrific. My favorite is difficult to name because each flash is excellent in a different aspect.

The best as far as animation style and originality is a close race between The Massascre and The Crime Scene.

The Lookout was a funny take on Italian Mobster stereotypes.

The Phone Call was an amazing start and could vey well be argued as the best of the five.

The Escape's brief length made it appear to be the weakest of the bunch despite how impressive the animation truly was. It can be argued that The Lookout was the weakest because of the animation style used being adequate but not quite as daring and bold as the others.

It's very rare that a flash uses a factually story and actually sticks to it and with such jazzy flavor. I loved the film noir feel of the first and last segments. I loved the minimalist sound approach to the third segment. The whole product in itself is a speechless rendering beautiful bloodied beast I wouldn't mind giving a good stare down or two.

One last thing before I'm through, that voice acting was on point! Mr. Harken, your good stuff on the microphone and with a pen. I'll tell ya that.

Thanks to all of you and every one of your contributions to this flash that brightened up my day. Peace!

Valentine Slaughter

This collab was by far one of the greatest I have ever seen. The animation and style that made it look like a real movie, made this for sure a great flash that I pretty sure anyone will at least like.
You guys should work together again U ROCK!


it was very cool especially the vids and the one that i liked it was the phone call besides it was good