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Reviews for "Valentine '29"


Sweet! Only the part 2 was messed up.


This is one of the most underrated collabs in NG history. This movie is great. It exceeds in all other collabs artistically and dramatically. ITs excellent 2 see that all authors follow a storyline, unlike other collabs which just have different authors makin different scenes with different plots. Great job and i hope we see more of this soon

Great work

They were all good, but the third one and the last one were especially amazing. Great work. To the last reviewer, yes, the story is true. The details probably aren't, but there was a massacre planned by the mob where they pretended to be cops.

pretty good

i really liked the graphics and the story line but the only thing i didn,t get was how it ended and thats what kindof through me off so was it actually like that or are you making a sequel to this even if you aren,t it still was pretty good and i liked it

Simply Amazing

I have not seen such a good flas in a long time... I've never wanted to give a flash a higher score than a ten, I hereby give you eleven... enjoy it almighty flash masters... except for you scene 2 "the lookout" not a good scene...