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Reviews for "Valentine '29"


One of the best movies I've seen here at NG.

Best i've seen in a long time

Last thing i saw that was this well animated, was probably little foot (part one) Just like that this looks like something you had to make for school. College level material. Looks like you and some friends put forth a good amount of time and effort. I think the you made good work useing the lighting in different scenes. Must say i was pleased.

u know wats cool?

im in bugsys family! related by the donoleys

Historic Masterpiece

It was a great idea to make a V-day movie about a history fact that shocked Chicago. It was an even greater idea to make it happen in V-day period when everyone's submissions are colorful and full of joy and happiness, same excitement that is used to deny reality and promote childish and infantile movies.

The prime idea that pointed out the originality and the great concept of this movie, being also in direct relation with the noir atmosphere, was the chapter separation of it, each chapter being made by a different designer. That was a great element that certainly showed what a great movie can be developed by a team of experienced artists that coordinated themselves perfectly.

About the atmosphere, the graphics and sounds played a great role along with the excellent voice-acting and character design, animations and design of the scenes with a top quality sound. Again, all these where influenced by the different characteristics of each chapter.

The storyline made a great difference when all the historic facts and fictional legends combined in a great and original remake of the actual tragedy of the 1929 massacre. Athrough it was short, it was the perfect amount of thrill and action very close to what might have happened then.

I exaggerated a bit when I gave an overall 10, but it's really worth it to point out all the great characteristics and the brilliancy of the movie and all together it was a great V-day state of the art.

Excellent Work

I really like this piece of work. It took a different turn for V-Day and all, very original...oh and the 1 in humor for when the guys were fighting on tha building. Haha, it was like "lol wtf" ya kno. Also, i love the fact that u switched up styles of art in different scenes, now that really got my attention. That's really original, and it stands out, I like that, truly a nice piece of animation.
Dana aka ToLKen<333