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Reviews for "Valentine '29"

Good! Ive never seen anything like that before!

I gave all tens because, the graphics were different at the scenes, making it awesome! The style was good because of the scenes, i loved the music, the violence was good, a lot of interaction, and the animation by Meebz was so funny! WELL DONE! 5/5!

Nice Shorts.

Damn! That was bloody.

*Cee-bear 2007*

i loved the almightyhan's flash the best

because the voice acting is more than acceptional level, and i liked the style of drawing in this particular work. i liked luis's work. the drawing looked more relistic than other work in this particular flash, and i liked osuka's work too it has more detail than other work in this flash. nice work all of u

this is da shit

bump the other guy this shit is just like a fucking mafia movie swear i watched this a couple times now i want animate


I can't think of ANY possible improvements here, you hit the nail on the head that time. Why not get together again and do the gindenburg disaster or something?