Reviews for "Valentine '29"

u guys

are just fucking awsum 10,000,000/10

Wow you guys are so amaiznig!

This is the best mafia collab i've ever seen!This is great work! 10/10!!!!!!

Das ist Fantastish! :D Now i see that Newgrounds is serious business.



But just saying that is an understatement, this is a masterpiece.

absolutely fantastic

this is probably the best collab i've ever seen, and ive seen a shitload. i love the fact that it wasnt just a series of short animations bunched up, but it was a coherant story that you all made to fit together. absolutely brilliant. and the animations indiviually were all FANTASTIC, i mean i don't think i've seen cinematography like that for any other animation. all the styles worked very well also, and the story was very well portrayed. fantastic job to all of you, i tip my hat to the creators. 5/5 just cause i cant give it a 10/5 ;D great job


i heardz mahz grandad talkz bout tis wen i was reellah smalz... but i thot he waz heinz senilz (he waz likz 103, 104 yrz ol round terz)

awsome grahics, voices and music were clear and to the point, another would greatly appreciated by the NG community