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Reviews for "Valentine '29"

Well done guys...

That's probably one of the best collaborations I've come across on Newgrounds so far...

good....... but whats next

i mean com on you have a guy survive and you end it just plz make a second or i will cry and you dont want me to cry do you


WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!?!?!??! Everything was perfect but u never get 2 see wat happens next!! PLZ there must be a pt 2!!


It's so rare to see a collaberation of amazing effort and proportion, and even more amazing to see it on a serious, real encounter... this gave me fond memories of the amazing work done in Autumn Tree.

Unlike most collaberations, EVERY peice of work was amazing... I can't say who's work was better, you all did an amazing job. I was constantly amazed by your visuals, animation techniques, voice acting and amazing style. It somewhat reminded me of Sin City.

So congratulations on the amazing work, the awards, and thankyou for letting me view one of my favourite animations I've seen on this site.

Killer post!!!

Mate, you kicked so much ass here!! Truly one of my all time favs!!!