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Reviews for "Valentine '29"


Epic,sad,Nice animations,And and a overall good movie


I realy enjoid this animation. The diffrent art work in it made the movie very creative and "artistic" but so... confusing is the story, if that was the intention of creating this animation, to tell a story, it is failed being a few scenes shy of a full one. There is no ending. Unless the point of this was corely to display different artwork/ animation it desserves an 8.25.
P.S. Stupid Question .In scene 3, The Massacre, is that the face of Mooby Moocow (Kevin Smiths Dogma) on the warehouse door or some random cow logo?

True animated art at its finest.

This flash is one of the more artistic I've ever seen and not just from the animation perspective. The use of the St. Valentine Massacre as the main story, the different art styles and characters, and how well they actually complemented the mood for each chapter, and the voices for the entire collab gave it a dark, if at one point humorous grimace. The entire collaboration in general was well made and well strung together. Hans, man, it would be a shame if you didn't do another collaboration.

holy god that was.....

i can't think of a word that fits what that was perfectly its just its just far too good art at its fullest form a flash of art you guys make a perfect crew of antimaters

Made me cry a little

this collab really made my cry a little, and what i hate is that people sa this epic and stuff and they forget that this is somthing that reallly happened, anyways you should do more stuff like this you did it perfectly, nothing more needs to be said.