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Reviews for "Rick 1 - Sand Dunes"

it was pretty cool, i liked it

lol that music was from banjo kazooie (sigh) i miss that game, i want my N 64 back....

It was nice...

The music to...annoying..He is a great character very awesome graphics but not so good sound....and it slowed my pc down when he was in space...maybe because the stars...

but great job!

I knew it was gonna be a nuke!

Anyway, kool movie. The music got a little repetitive and annoying, but not too bad. I like the random events that you make this jolly bastard endure. Keep it up

An emotional tear-jerker for the ages!

I'm a complete sucker for ^_^ eyes.

Cute and interesting

The whole movie reminded me of the "Mog House" in Final Fantasy VII. The childlike way of narrating and the way the sentences were formed - was this done on purpose?

The story was... well not very deep, but funny indeed. It just hit some of my nerves.

The ending was unfitting, at least until now. But it is a cliffhanger to the next volume, so we'll see.

The graphics are not the best we have seen here, but they are suiting the whole style of the movie. So you could say I like that. Same for the sound.