Reviews for "<<< Dodge"


Got me hooked in about eight seconds :) A couple of slight bugs like the yellow ball staying on and balls coming on incredibly quickly after you restarted but it was very good and ADDICTIVE!!!! (i've said that before have'nt I?)

Everything I said above sounded really rude for some reason.

Just letting you know of a slight bug.

It's not that big, but there was an attacking ball hidden under a make-me-smaller ball. There was no way to see it and you should probably put the attacking balls on a higher layer than everything else so that they are always visible. Just my two cents. Take 'em or leave 'em.


this is the first ive seen out of all these style puzzle games u wud rather get smaller than bigger, it starts to get tough pretty fast.


The music was wierd until I got used to it, then it actually matched the game well. : )
Simple, straight-forward, and it gets interesting fast!

I liked it!

The music was...interesting...I rather liked it :D! It was really fun to listen to. Other than that, I liked the idea a lit, and not too much could be changed. Something that was annoying though: Play music didn't work for me, so I had to refresh entire flash to get it to start again (I liked it that much :3!)