Reviews for "<<< Dodge"

And -OK- Game

This game is alright but it gets boring quick....


pretty fun game, i could see myself playing this ALOT in the furture!

I think it was fun

you just need to add a pause button...other than that it was great

Very Fun and addicting game.

This game is highly intertaining and addictive. Even though this game is very basic it requires a certain level of skill, it has been put together very well with the exception of two small bugs that have already been discussed. The first one is the fact that the game does not automatically reset and many balls are sometimes trapped on screen. The second one being that after a few resets the games starts a constant flow of size changing balls, which wouldnt be so bad if these balls didnt cover the attacker balls making it almost impossible to see them. All in all this is a very fun game and a good way to spend a lot of time if your not careful.

catchy little song

The games song itself kept me playing (and freestyle rapping in the background) great rythm.