Reviews for "<<< Dodge"

fun for a few goes, but I doubt I'll return.

I liked the way you avoided 'spawning death' by having everything start in one corner.

The +/- system was kinda cool. Maybe you could give the +s a few points value (50?), so there could be some strategy in picking them up when we can afford to.

I found that having 30-odd circles bouncing around, having the framerate drop to silly levels... it got irritating. You could maybe have the circles disappear and be replaced by larger ones or something, to avoid the lag?

Also, you should take us to the main menu after we submit a score. The highscore table is messed up.

I prefer my own version with the homing circles.

It was fun for a few goes, but I doubt I'll return.

Nothing new or interesting...

It's a good game but ya'no yah gotta add some umph! keep it up...


This games pretty sweet

Really good idea for a game, pretty fun, and addicting.
i give you a 5 brotha

Pretty good game

The game was pretty cool, easy at first then it got hard.


Its an ok game but its just a remake of jazzy ragdoll