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Reviews for "Millie Megavolte 1"

Nice, fun time-wasting game.

As someone said before me - good for when servers are down... or if you're on a laptop in work =P

Well, this game is quite fun and definatly can get you addicted, especially if your a WoW lover.

I am not a fan of alliance either, but, whatever, it is just a user created game, eh?

Graphics - whewt, not crap for sure, especially design for characters but the landscape was very basic =P

Style - quite nice, a side scroller slasher like game.. not bad.

sound - Suits the levels for sure. I think a boss battle sound would be useless, ya don't get it in WoW.. just some old geezer saying "I still have a few tricks up my sleeve!"

Voilence - Sword of Rape wielding gnome? =P

Interactivity - yes, you can interact with it, but more out of the lands would be good.

Humor - lawl, sword of rape, shield of shame?! millies armor legendary set?! WHY IS EVERYTHING LEGENDARY DAMNIT!?! =P

Overall - heh yeah, nice fun little game. Wasted time and some nice little features within it... oops, time for me to get out of work now =P!

Good game

Good game, but needs ALOT of work.

Graphics - Good, but maybe spend more time on the fire at GM mountain, I loved the little comics you would get after each level, The Gnome and monsters are nicely done, so is the terrian.

Style - No comment (ya rly)

Sound - Well, you did make it sound like you are in the area, nicely picked music to go with the level, But you should stick in some boss battle music.

Violence - Its a Gnome attacking with a sword and such, yea.

Interactivity - The keys are nicely put, I liked the RAGE abilities and special attacks.

Humor - I liked the humor in the comics "Shadow in armor, how original" "Fooooookk youuu!" Made me laugh. And suicide (Clicking on yourself)

Overall - Good job! Nicely well done, but a few things made me rather angry, the ground, you would sink into / fall off it. Also the dying part, I don't like that if you die you have to restart the whoollee level.

This should be a fun game...

...but isn't. Why? Becouse it's fucked up. The fighting system is the worse I've ever seen: no blocking abilty (yes, I knoe she "blocks" when she doesn't attack, but that means only that she suffers a little bit less damage), and no ability to dodge also. No combo, no dodgeing just standing in front of the enemy and slashing, giving a slash than reciving one, there is no fight where she doesn't suffer serious damage. So I have to make her rest, and I loose all the rage I got. And why the hell is there no jump attack without lots of rage, this makes the jump attack almost impoosible, altroug that would be the only "combo" where I can dodge. The jumping system is also bad, she jumps only when she "wants", I press the s key but she instead of jumping commits a suicide, falls in some bottomless pit. And then I have to start the whole freakin' level over becouse there is no checkpoint or any other player-friendly solution. And the levels are too long to start them over every time. In this game the player "collects" a lot more rage in one level than Millie during the whole game!

Myroid responds:

It sounds like you would HATE the game this is based on.

cool one

that was a pretty fun game. it was a little easy overall, but it was also quite addiciting as well. the plot behind this one was quite nice, good drawings, nice character, good action and gameplay and it was a very nice way to kill off time.
good work on this one, i enjoyed it.

Great Game

Great way to pass the time while the servers are down for maintenance. Thanks. :P