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Reviews for "Millie Megavolte 1"


Well there isn't a lot to say about a game like this, I mean I like the fact that it's a platformer, and all, but it didin't really entertain me that much. I found it pretty hard to attack in general and when I found out it really didin't impress me. The story though, that's what I like this submission for. That's what kept me playing. A for the graphics, they aren't amasing, but they do well at the job they have to do. Overall, nice job you made a good submission and it provided a lot of fun for the right people. Good job.

it was ok

its ok game just dont like how shaky it is. to land on the edge of a platform and then useing the side of it to jump again to safty that must be a bug

Nice job!

It looks like you put alot of work to simulate world of warcraft, though the dialoge isnt completly correct but its good enough for me :S. Also a bug i noticed if you havent, if you sit down while being hit by a monster, you can still outheal its damage being delt, you should probably fix that imo. if otherwise, Greate game!

Myroid responds:

You're completely right! I never noticed the trick until I was halfway through Millie 3--if you play that one you'll see that it's fixed.

great game

just one thing bothered be. The fact that she doesnt have any pupils is kinda weird. She looks kinda like invader Zim

I need a strategy,

how do you beat the final boss

Myroid responds:

Pssst... try facing away from him.