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Reviews for "A Retarded Movie 2"


i shouldave seen that last part coming....i thought that he was gonna say "and now we know the meaning of life"....LOLERS HILARIOUS KEEP IT UP!!!

I laughed so hard I puked out my spleen!

"And so...after watching this movie...you finally know the meaning of life...is a lego block. But who cares!?"

Lol XD

10/10, 5/5, favorited.

the best on newgrounds!!

nuff said ^_^

"Oh... my.... god!!!"

This is exactly the type of movie I like to watch when I come to NG. The idea of two people making a movie not knowing exactly what the other person had added to it is genius, and more authors should try to come up with creative ways to build a movie.

I almost cried laughing in the first scene at the cloud's reaction to the bomb and the bomb exploding.

Oh... my.... god!!!

After watching this I bilt a building made of 12 340 old lego blocks... took about 3 days.