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Reviews for "A Retarded Movie 2"

You shouldn't have made it completely retarded

I declare myself to be a retard by saying that i enjoyed this clip. In some points though. The scores i gave are for the good parts of the movie, but there is seriously a lot that could have been just dropped out and thus making it better. (like all those "lol"s and other stuff)

Sound quality was suprisingly good. Graphics were the average.


Im not sure if i fully understood what was going on....but i really enjoyed it! The sound could have been a bit smoother, or i could have turned my speakers down, but anyway well done on a great flash!

Retarded indeed, but well done

The drawings were decent, and I have no complaints about the animation either. This was consistently amusing, and occassionally very funny. SPOILER: The alien craft that turns people into ravers was the best part by far. I laughed really hard at that one. Good job.