Reviews for "CVS Battle Royale_5"


dude how come morrigan died? why did mega-man lose all that life in one shot?why was there no dta?you know i could go on forever about this for one thing i'v play'd marvel vs capcom 2 and u cant block a mega-man blaster attack it was nicley done just it did'nt make much sence.


how u let morrigan die noo!!! but its still pretty good


At the ending you should have done something were ryu Come's in and beats the living hell out of Magmento And Bison. But ya over all i really Really liked cvs you should do another tournement series They rock.

Heh cool !

good animations :P

u love proxi as much as me T_T


Mega-Man is made of metal right?
Magneto can control meal right?
Magneo could have shredded Mega-Man into little tiny blue hrapneland then just ct Morrigan o ribbons with it...
that fight about 2 minutes and 30 seconds too long