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Reviews for "TooF Chainsaw Massacre"


Graphics-8 Well because at times the TeeF seemed to look a little weird.

Style-8 Because its TooF with a spin.

Sound-10 Chainsaws, voice acting, and music from the movie I love!

Violence-10 Well you saw logo.

Interactivity-7 I clicked some buttons thats interactive... right?

Humor-9 TeeF being killed with a chainsaw you look me in the eyes, and tell me thats not funny.

Overall-9 It was a great movie with gore, and TeeF.

Complaints- Add a pause button so when I go to the bathroom I don`t
miss anything.

SandQ3Man responds:

"Well you saw logo", that was great. I out of the two chainsaw scenes I have to say that was my favorite. Thanks for the review man.


the movie was ok you have to try to synchronize the audio with the animation a little more but god that background music scared me

SandQ3Man responds:

Yeah the audio being out of sync is a low point on this movie. Due to me using a low FPS rate of 18 or so, and only getting the audio to an "acceptable" quality are the main factors. What I overlooked is my "acceptable quality" running on my machine wasn't so hot running in a web browser. My current WIP animation is running at 32 FPS so hopefully this won't be an issue this time around. It was my first full length animation, so its a learning process. And glad you could appreciate the background music, tried to pick the right music for the right times (It being straight from the Sound Track of the movie did help too).

it was ok

It was impresive definately better than I can do but the screaming is a part of the movie the overuse of loud pointless screaming, cause if i saw my friend hanging with no face and leggs I would shit myself and scream my lungs out lol but then again it depends on the adio hadware your useing if its like a computer mic then yea screaming causes a fuz on recourdings.

It was great quality...

But not the best video. You don't see Leatherface much, so we don't really get a clue of what he looks like without a short glimpse.

SandQ3Man responds:

I tried to focus more on the Sheriff Hoytt character than Leatherface, but if you notice he does go through a small transformation (his uses Logo's "skin" as a mask later on). Also in hindsight the video quality could have been better and lag reduced by a high frame rate. If I remember correctly this was done at 18 fps.

Not Bad, I like

pretty good, nice animation though it got really boring.

SandQ3Man responds:

Thanks for the honest review. Boring? I guess its not for everyone, I tried to keep it flowing nicely.