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Reviews for "TooF Chainsaw Massacre"

Miss the origional one

It does not have the appeal of the origional toof. The origonal was based in a mouth and had style for that

SandQ3Man responds:

I thought of doing this in the mouth, but so much of Texas Chainsaw is the location etc. I also felt it would be a interesting chance of pace to bring it outside the mouth. Hope you still enjoyed it.


The graphics looks way cool.
And u spent so long on it.
Well worth all the effort ey

I likes alot!
Cant wait for ure next submission :D

whooh dude.

whens toof chainsaw massacre coming out man?

wow i like it 0____0

wow that is almost like the moive chainsaw massacre good job on the show it was cool


Graphics-8 Well because at times the TeeF seemed to look a little weird.

Style-8 Because its TooF with a spin.

Sound-10 Chainsaws, voice acting, and music from the movie I love!

Violence-10 Well you saw logo.

Interactivity-7 I clicked some buttons thats interactive... right?

Humor-9 TeeF being killed with a chainsaw you look me in the eyes, and tell me thats not funny.

Overall-9 It was a great movie with gore, and TeeF.

Complaints- Add a pause button so when I go to the bathroom I don`t
miss anything.

SandQ3Man responds:

"Well you saw logo", that was great. I out of the two chainsaw scenes I have to say that was my favorite. Thanks for the review man.