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Reviews for "TooF Chainsaw Massacre"


This rocks!


The graphics looks way cool.
And u spent so long on it.
Well worth all the effort ey

I likes alot!
Cant wait for ure next submission :D


Graphics-8 Well because at times the TeeF seemed to look a little weird.

Style-8 Because its TooF with a spin.

Sound-10 Chainsaws, voice acting, and music from the movie I love!

Violence-10 Well you saw logo.

Interactivity-7 I clicked some buttons thats interactive... right?

Humor-9 TeeF being killed with a chainsaw you look me in the eyes, and tell me thats not funny.

Overall-9 It was a great movie with gore, and TeeF.

Complaints- Add a pause button so when I go to the bathroom I don`t
miss anything.

SandQ3Man responds:

"Well you saw logo", that was great. I out of the two chainsaw scenes I have to say that was my favorite. Thanks for the review man.

Great Stuff! Loved it.

Graphics - really well drawn, your buildings and attention to fine detail was superb, your only slight downer though was obviously the Toofs, I think they looked fine but having seen Logo's versions, it can be weird when somebody tries to change it to suit their own way.

Style - everything really ran smoothly, apart from the occasional lip sync error which I know happens due to graphic errors, it lasted a good time was well done.

Sound - good use of classic background music and using music from the movies, I liked the Hotel California in the car, was a funneh touch.

Violence - common Chainsaws and Toofs I can't think of a more deadly combo ... apart from Marmalade ... back to topic it was short but good, the use of darkness and quick attacks worked well for the scene: D

Interactivity - buttons are fun

Humour - even though it was a serious / horror I liked how you added some classic comedy of the Toof genre

Overall - 9 - I really did like this animation, it was well drawn and I know you took ages to make, it was just what I expected from it and more

Room for improvements - fix the sync error and maybe slightly more Funky Toofs

Also thanks for calling me crazy in your credits, makes me feel loved

-Ben (Omega-Creations)

SandQ3Man responds:

Glad you liked it man, hopefully the rest of the toof fans will come around and see it and post up what they think. Best of luck to ya on your projects and thanks for the review.


decent idea, but the animation sucks and the dialogue is contrived. try again.

SandQ3Man responds:

TooF mixed with the Texas Chainsaw isn't for everyone I guess.