Reviews for "Armor Games Avalanche"

good job (Y)

the one u made earlier was easier =P


I really liked the game, and i also found a cheat!
once you get 500$ buy lvl2 remroll, then downgrade to get 1000$
continue until you get remroll lvl10 and you can get up to 100000$!!!
Apart that evrything was very good!
Good work.

Good game, but fix the bugs

That 1/100000 bug doesn't seem that infrequent as I have already gotten it twice, including one time where I got over 4300 and then crashed into some trees and bugged out into an unkillable snowball effectively robbing me of my score. The other time I got the unkillable bug was also after crashing into things. It might be related to another bug I noticed where running into a house immediately after running into a tree has no effect on your snowball temporarily. I don't know if that helps you fix the bugs at all but that's what I noticed. Anyway love the game, very similar to Armor Games Snowball but I loved that game too. Good new features. And yes I'm very skinny.

One of the best on the site.

I remember playing the first version of this and I must say, well done on the upgrade. To be honest, I love just about everything about this game. The graphics, the heavenly gameplay, the music, the sound, the over atmosphere of the game, flawless..I wouldn't change one thing about this game honestly. This will be added to favorites for sure. I have been playing this game for almost an hour now and still going. Not repetitive in the least I must say. To keep it short, excellent game.

Vote - 5/5

Thumb Rating - d('.'d)

Recommendation - Highest

*A Favorite Game Award*


That was fun as fuck!