Reviews for "Armor Games Avalanche"

good job (Y)

the one u made earlier was easier =P


amazing. This game is so fun! great job on making more then 1 thing to do like seasons and campaign. Trying to get the trophies is sweet too. look for me on there matt770

Reamroller downgrade glitch

when you upgrade it costs $500 but when you downgrade you get $1000 back so after you get the initial $500 its really easy to upgrade all they way to level 10......w00t National Record!!! 3857 lbs


Really Fun And really cool,throw back to the demancy but does anybody else <3 Katamari all of a sudden like i do?

i got the bug

i kept moving right and left really fast and it went into the wall as we speak it might be more then 6000 lbs