Reviews for "Armor Games Avalanche"


One of the main problems I have is how unbalanced the Season mode is. One minute, you need to get your snowball to 691 pounds. The next, 2794. But that's my only real big complaint. Otherwise, great game.

Very Awesome Game

This game is really fun to play and it took me forever to stop myself. I did take advantage of the remroll cheat, but I would have gotten it eventually anyways. I held all three of the championships at the same time for very long...no one challenged me after a while...

Here's my character code:

a304e30w949h10e4w14194a0473212 9bxixxaswwwwwwwbbf5m06w0chb0ww nw1kpla0000

remroll upgrade

when its says full money back on the remroll upgrage it lied cuz when u down grade it gives you 1000 dollars instead of 500 thought i'd put that out there...

other than that it is an awesome game

Snowball bug

Yeah that bug happened to me! My score was at like 2000 and when i hit a small tree i kept going. Now my snowball disappeared lol. Well other than that great game i liked how you could roll over all those little kids lol.


that bug happened to me...i got it at 50000 b4 i quit