Reviews for "Armor Games Avalanche"


if you buy 1 remroll upgrade, and then you downgrade it you get 1000$ back, so you can just keep doing this until you get remroll lvl10, ps. nice game =)

i have a problem

hey this is a picture of my record it wont stop so i cant submit it its is still going heres a link to it i swear to god its not photo edited i didnt hack it or anything i got lucky and at about 10,000 it just stop hitting stuff img251.imageshack. us/img251/843/picture3lj4.png it wont letlet me put urls so i have to space it

It is so good

I like how you can upgrade your remoll, but I have found another bug in the programming. If you degrade your remoll you get $1000 dollars, but to upgrade you pay$500

Great game

but like you said, the bug still isnt fixed. It happens when you crash into multiple trees in a short amount of time. Maybe this helps to find the bug. :) And for the game, great idea, but the menu is slightly annoying, too many (flat) buttons. Could be just me though.


My high scores don't remain on the supposed High Score list and the hometown, regional, national etc. records are all bullshit as well. I suggest not putting those elements in the game if you can't actually provide the service. It was fun thinking I was competing against other real people. Back your shit up.