Reviews for "Wishfull Thinking"

i hear the call of cthulu

it beckons me!!!!!!!!!

Mind flayers!!!!

I play dnd and the creature looks exactly like a mind flayer!!!

ItoSaithWebb responds:

Mind Flayers are nothing more than Cthulhu babies. Gary Gygax and his bro just got inspired from that mythos. There was a big lawsuit about it with Chaosium.

she`s a cultist!

notice the chibithulhu?! she summoned it to rend flash from bone to boil the seas and to piss off the athiests. (thats a joke!) still good.
ps fav`d!

I can only see this ending badly...

Little girl: "oh I will pet him and love him and call him thuly"
Cthulhu: "yum, yum"

*crunch, crunch, crunch*

Great piece love how the walls seem to bend as if effected by a rift in dimensions.