Reviews for "Wishfull Thinking"


This is really great work, I really like the situation and I think there's a lot of attention to detail. The walls look very fluid and magical, and the colour contrast is good. It's only a small thing, but something I immediately noticed though is that the girl's shoulders look a bit broad for her size. Also, I'm only trying to help, but 'wishfull' is typically spelt with one 'f'; 'wishful'. I'm not sure if that was deliberate. Hope this helps, and well done, it's a great, creative piece.

I can only see this ending badly...

Little girl: "oh I will pet him and love him and call him thuly"
Cthulhu: "yum, yum"

*crunch, crunch, crunch*

Great piece love how the walls seem to bend as if effected by a rift in dimensions.


Its done very well and impresses me. The way that its pushing the wall apart reminds of the shower scene from the movie "It". One thing that needs improvement is the height of the door frame. Make it so that Cthulhu is pushing the frame up and to the sides so that it looks like it was moving both.

she`s a cultist!

notice the chibithulhu?! she summoned it to rend flash from bone to boil the seas and to piss off the athiests. (thats a joke!) still good.
ps fav`d!


I've always been a fan of Lovecraft's work. This is an awesome work of art =D

My only complaint is her feet look a little odd, but that's just nitpicking.