Reviews for "King Zachariah (Psychicpebbles)"

"and we blew it"

but alas my friend, YOU have not. Brav-fucking-O dude!

Holy fuck, way to go above and beyond. I've seen many of the trophies posted in the contest, and this might actually be my favorite. Definitely defeats my submission entirely, shit man, this is amazing. The way you painted the hair is very well done, it actually looks like it has the texture of a bust. Granted the cartoony face is quick to undo this effect, you managed to blend this element in very well. Good face choice too, btw, it's a bit subtler than many would go for but holds the full comedic effect.
Bravo, I hope to see more works of yours in the future~

YakovlevArt responds:

I realized once I started to paint the face, that I wasn't gonna be able to make it look THAT 3d unless I actually went and sculpted it in 3d (which I contemplated.)
Thanks for the fair critique. You have a great point and I'm glad you still liked it. As long as it did the "job" and it made people laugh, I'm happy with it.


YakovlevArt responds:


Beautiful! Just beautiful!

How long did this take you? :o

YakovlevArt responds:

Glad you like it.
Umm, I'd say about a week on and off. I kinda procrastinated on it for a while, but then finished it in the last couple days.