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Reviews for "Adult Swim BUmp"

Well done

and very original

gouranga1 responds:

thank you!

hmm its ok..

it semed moer like a music video.. it was ok but you need something to make it stop at the end because it jsut repeated. lol

but it was like a music video and it was like aable.

Pretty good graphics

GRAPHICS-The graphics were really great and show a sense of art or just being high whatever it is it is still great graphics
STYLE-I havent seen anyone do something like this for Adult Swim so way to go though It looked completely random.
SOUND-The music was ok since it was the same music that Adult Swim has or use to have now they have something new.
VIOLENCE-none whatsoever.
INTERACTIVITY-Just the button and that is it.
OVERALL-It is simply great to watch all those things happening but it does tend to get a little tiresome still good show.

gouranga1 responds: